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Minimalistic Speaker Rider
Since December 2019, I am on a traveling break as per requested by my teenage kids. I'm happy to share my experiences in online conferences and deliver online workshops.

I have a full-time job at Vaisala as a principal test engineer and I teach limited amount of sessions on the side for my side company maaretp.

I invoice 2500 euros for a full day training, and 1500 euros (+ VAT) for a conference (keynote) session. I often waive my fees on request as long as this is also something all other speakers are doing. I don't pay to speak - that is - if there is travel involved, I always expect those paid.

I don't participate in calls for proposals and consider invitation necessary. In encourage conference organizers to consider all my talks on this site as proposals you can consider, and I would be happy to deliver if I can make the schedule work.

My Sessions
I teach courses (0.5 days -> 3 days), also split into 2 hour sessions which is works great for remote learning. My workshops are single-purpose sessions that stand independent and are usually 1.5 - 2 hours. My talks are 30 - 60 minutes. My free public sessions are posted under Exploratory Testing Academy tito.
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Ensemble Testing (1 day)
Exploratory Testing Foundations (1 day)
Exploratory Testing Work Course (1 day) | Exploratory Testing Work Course (2 days) | Tutkivan Testauksen työkurssi (2 päivää)
Exploratory Testing on Computer Interfaces (APIs)
Diversifying Test Approaches using Constraints (1 day)
Exploratory Testing Essentials (1/2 day)
Test Automation Sampler (1 day)
Contemporary Test Management (1 day)
Exploratory Testing Applied (2 days)
Software and System Testing Foundations (1 day)
Test Design (2 days) | Testitapausten suunnittelu (2 päivää)
Test Activity Sampler (1 day)
Exploratory Testing with a Constraint: Automation (99 minutes)
Exploratory Testing with a Constraint: Unconfirmed issues (99 minutes)
Exploratory Testing with a Constraint: Self-Management (99 minutes)
Test a Text Field, Test a Button (99 minutes)
Incremental Test Planning (99 minutes)
Test Coverages: Code, Requirements, Risks (99 minutes)
Exploratory Testing an API (99 minutes)
Mock the Response to Target Testing (99 minutes)
Ensemble Testing Roleplay (99 minutes)
Contemporary Exploratory Testing Ask Anyone Anything (99 minutes)
Visual Test Retrospective (99 minutes)
Test Strategy Visualization (99 minutes)
Becoming Public Speaker (99 minutes)

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

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